The original Operation Democracy was conceived in Locust Valley, New York in 1947 as a grass roots effort to supplement the Marshall Plan. Its mission was to 'Spread the concepts of freedom and democracy around the world that we enjoy here and too often take for granted.' Underlying this movement was the belief that peace cannot be achieved by governments alone but must start in the hearts of individuals, as no government process can be a substitute for human understanding. Citizens of Locust Valley popularized the concept of sister cities by adopting Sainte Mere Eglise, the first town liberated during the invasion of Normandy. Hometown hero Teddy Roosevelt, Junior led the charge in the first wave of the battle of Normandy. Within a year nearly 200 American cities had followed Locust Valley?s lead, adopting sister cities all over the world. With the recent rediscovery of the original Operation Democracy during filming of the soon to be released documentary, Mother of Normandy, there has been tremendous interest in rekindling this historic concept. The rekindled Operation Democracy seeks to carry on this legacy by facilitating Iraq?s transition from dictatorship to democracy.